I love, love, love everything that I buy inworld, obviously! I love it so much I force my love onto my fellow Second Life residents via this blog! ;) But as a creator knows, buying SO MANY lovely items (there really are too many to choose from, so I have to buy them all) takes a toll on my virtual and actual wallet. I deeply appreciate any review copies you would like to send me. I blog things I love, and I always critique honestly and fairly.

I do accept single time review items, so if you'd like me to blog one of your items, just drop it onto me inworld and I'll make sure I take a look!

My sponsors are designers that make me a consistent reviewer, either by allowing me to blog multiple items of theirs, or by adding me to their blogger groups. As a sponsor, your icon is added to the "Sponsors" section of the blog that links to your choice of marketplace store or inworld store, and prioritized blogging for new releases and events that you're in.  Sponsors also get an endless supply of hugs and kisses!

If you decide you'd like to become one of our sponsors, please send me an IM or notecard inworld at Larian Raleigh, and/or an email at larianraleigh@yahoo.com that includes:

- a 100x100 icon (if you have one, if not we can make one for you!)
- the link you'd like the icon to direct viewers to (inworld, marketplace, your blog, etc)