Alright, fellow shopaholics, I've got a list for you that includes things I have and things I'm looking for. I'll keep it updated, so what you see is probably what I have. Good luck in your gacha-ing, and send me an IM inworld if you'd like to trade/sell/buy! I sell everything for machine price, even if it is a rare, but I prefer to trade the item for something of equal value or rarity before buying or selling.

UPDATED: 12/4  7:07AM SLT

What I have for you lovelies:
Monso Flats – Round Cat Yellow, Round Cat Black, Round Cat Orange, Pointed Cat Yellow, Pointed Cat Orange, Pointed Cat Red, Pointed Cat Green x2, Pointed Cat Black
Cracked Mirror Footsies (All XXS) – Purple, Yellow x2, Blue, Green
Tee*fy Radios – Portable Orange
Tres Blah Pastries Raspberry Cake x3, Pastry Puffs x5, Raspberry Heart, Chocolate Cake x2, Mustache Cup x5, Macarons
Art Dummy Chairs – Chair 2 Yellow
Secret Store Handbags – Leather x2, Electric Blue x4, Coral Delight, Neon Yellow x6, Baby Blue x2, Red Polka x5, Peach Sparkle, Mint x3, Scarlet, Amethyst x2, Brown Polka, Neon Pink
League Earmuffs - Huh? 1 x2
Floorplan Gumball Machine - Coral, Yellow
Sleepy Eddy - Brown, Red, Green, D. Brown

What I’d like to trade for/buy from you:
Monso Flats – White Sheep
Cracked Mirror Footsies – Unicorn XXS
Tres Blah Pastries – Cupcake Stand, Milk and Cookies
Secret Store Handbags – Granny
BOOM Socks - Pink Tiffany
PIDIDDLE - Unicorn Tears

- Larian


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