Are you gacha'd out?! I sure am (for the time being). Tati likened this to something from the movie Legally Blonde, and you know what? I can't disagree with her. I like me some pink, some unicorns, and some cute pastries. Most of this is from the Arcade, and I'm sure by the end of this month I'll have a whole mess of things to find places for around the house.

Have a good hump day!
- Larian


ALMOST everything is visible in the third picture (from left to right):
Dressing Screen -Art Dummy
Table -
Yellow and Pink Dining Chairs - Art Dummy
All Pastries - Tres Blah
Potted Vines - Floorplan
Deer Head - Commoner
All Purses - The Secret Store
Stool - LISP
Cup and Rose - LISP
Pink Frame - Yummy
Unicorn Print - Floorplan
Headphones - Standby Inc.
End Table - Floorplan
Radio - Tee*fy
Cups and Strawberries - Art Dummy
Arm Chair - Art Dummy
Tiara - Noodles
Manuscript - Floorplan
Easel - What Next
Gumball Machine - Floorplan
Rug - LISP

Not shown in third picture, visible in second under the table:
Radio - Tee*fy


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