So, like Tati said, there is a TON of stuff to blog about right now! Lots of events, lots of releases, lots of furniture and decor! It's awesome. This Zigana house, which was a FLF release for this Friday, is open and light, so I filled it with rich, dark woods and fabrics. A lot of the items I used are from current or past events like Fifty Linden Friday, Together For Sway, Spruce Up Your Space, Lazy Sunday, Collabor88, faMESHed, and so on.


1st Picture
Heater - bbqq
Heart Pictures - Apple Fall (Advent Calendar day 3)
Dresser - What Next (FLF last week)
Dropped Dress - Dutchie
Bed - North West (no longer available)
Trunk - What Next
Side Table - Zigana
Rug - Zigana (SUYS December 2012)
Desk, Chair, and Typewriter - What Next
Entry Way:
Table - L&K
Books - MudHoney
Sled - Cheeky Pea (C88 December 2012)
Bow and Arrows - PILOT (Zodiac December 2012)
Doll - Lark
Shelf - Floorplan (TFS December 2012)
Sign - What Next (Arcade Event December 2012)
Umbrella Stand - What Next
Coffee Corner:
Plant - Funky Junk
Table - Zigana
Coffee Pot and Cups - Apple Fall (Advent Calendar day 1)
Gumball Machine - Floorplan (Arcade Event December 2012)
Scrolls - Apple Fall
Chair - Zigana (Arcade Event December 2012)
Chalk Board - What Next (SUYS)
Hot Chocolate Tray - What Next (TFS December 2012)
Rug - LISP
Deer Head - End of Daze
Boxes - LISP
Paper Deer Head - Commoner (Arcade Event December 2012)

4th Picture (Pretty much everything shown):
Poof - Cheeky Pea and PILOT
Log Basket - LISP (SUYS December 2012)
Fireplace - LISP (C88 November 2012)
Poster - (TFS December 2012)
Rug - Zigana (SUYS December 2012)
Table - LISP
Book - Floorplan
Letter Blocks - Scarlet Apple (TFS December 2012)
Tree - DECO
Lights - Scarlet Apple (TFS December 2012)
Couch and Arm Chair - LISP
Train - Sway's
Sideboard - Zigana
Noel and Candles - Apple Fall (Advent Calendar day 2)
Lamp - Apple Fall (With Love Hunt Winter 2012)
Picture Frames - LISP (SUYS December 2012)
Pillows - What Next
Scrabble - Scarlet Apple (TFS December 2012)
Chair - Vespertine (Arcade Event December 2012)
Owl Pillows - iTuTu
Boxes - b.v.
Shelf - DIGS (Past Four Walls Hunt)
Book - Lark
Chair - LISP

6th Picture (not credited in other pictures):
Cupboard - Tatty Soup
Frame - Commoner
Map - Lark
Star Garland - Zigana (SUYS December 2012)


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