I am on overload. Between all of these events and building Drakkar, my brain doesn't know what to do! I finally got the chance to get to the Nest's Easter egg hunt, and spent a few hours scouring the sim for the (sometimes evilly hidden) eggs. It was totally worth it though, because most of the prizes are really cute. Make sure you check out the larger version of the pictures on Flickr for all of the detail.

This is my backyard, by the way! A bit of it anyway. As I work on my little house between building and shopping I'll do a couple more posts of it, so stay tuned! In the meantime: check out all of the awesome events going on! Skin Fair, FaMESHed, Collabor88, a new round at Atelier Kreslo, and the Nest Easter egg hunt.

1st Picture:
Table Set - What Next
Canopy - Picnic
Hedges - Apple Fall (March C88) NEW!!
Stone Pavers - LAQ Decor
Lamp Post - Apple Fall (March C88) NEW!!
Trees - Studio Skye, Forest Floor
Wagon - Zigana (March Arcade) NEW!!
Bunting - Floorplan and Apple Fall (March C88) NEW!!

2nd Picture:
Bunny Chairs - Floorplan (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Pillows - PILOT (March C88) NEW!!
Lamp - .lame (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Owl Pillow - iTuTu
Ivy - Floorplan 
Curtains - Rustica
Drawer Shelves - What Next NEW!!
Jar of Flowers - Tatty Soup
Tea Cups - Cheeky Pea (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Memories Table - Floorplan NEW!!
Kid Chair - Organica (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Cake Stand - Cheeky Pea (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Tray with Lavender Vase - PILOT (March C88) NEW!!
Eggs and Egg Stands - What Next (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Bunny Figurines - .lame (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Set of 3 Hung Frames - DIGS (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!! 
Turquoise End Table - PILOT (March C88) NEW!!
Bunny Teapot - Cheeky Pea (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!!
Chalk Board - Floorplan
Purple and White Chair - ::SF:: (Nest Easter Egg Hunt) NEW!! 

3rd Picture:
Tulip Stand - Tatty Soup
Potted Climbing Plant - Artilleri
Scroll Pile - Apple Fall  
Quilt Cabinet - Floorplan NEW!!


  1. Omg I love your backyard! :)