The Arcade is in full swing, and everyone is posting down right fabulous pictures in the Arcade's official Flickr group. Of course, Tres Blah put out a cutesy tea set again (I'm not complaining at all, it's right up my alley), which goes super well with the party set from Tee*fy. I went a bit crazy on these two machines, and ended up with doubles, or more, of everything. I have one of the tin of flowers from Tres Blah in every room of my little house, I think. Most of the items went straight to my dining room table, and it's looking pretty full now, which is just how I like it! =)


1st Picture
House - Funky Junk
Table - Turnip
Decor on Table - Tres Blah, Tee*fy (March Arcade) NEW!!
Plates and Bowls on Table - Art Dummy
Chairs (clockwise from bottom left) - Little Boxes, Cheeky Pea, MudHoney, LAQ Decor, Cheeky Pea, fri.home, North West, North West
Bookshelf - Abiss
Shutters - Floorplan
Shutter shelf - fri.home (FLF) NEW!!
Potted Plant - Artilleri
Stacked Frames - ionic

2nd Picture
Side Table - L&K
Drink Dispensers - Tee*fy (March Arcade) NEW!!
Tin of Flowers - Tres Blah (March Arcade) NEW!!
Frames - What Next
Radio - End of Daze
Eggs and Wire Basket - KOPI
Carnations - MudHoney
Chevron Shelf - Floorplan


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