I got a chance to check out the Garden event, and I definitely not disappointed. I bought almost everything there, and the stuff I didn't buy, I had to drag myself away from. If you're looking for stuff to decorate your yard and garden then this event is the place to go for that.

CREDITS (all listed items are from the Garden event):
1st Picture:
Altar - L&K
Table - +ILO+
Baskets - +ILO+
Cake Stands - Vespertine
Yard Games - Cheeky Pea
Puddings - Culprit
Lanterns - LISP
Rug - L&K
Gazebo - RageWorks
Potted Bench - Olive
Woven Bench - L&K
Cushions - Cheeky Pea
Garden Pots - Second Spaces
Garland - Vespertine

2nd Picture:
Table - Just Designs
Recycled Flower Boxes - Just Designs
Chairs - L&K
Hammock - Cheeky Pea
Tea Set - Culprit


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