It's coming, tomorrow to be exact, so get to buying those lindens, and ready yourself to join the hordes of people who will be broke, broke, broke. The September round of the Arcade starts tomorrow, and there are some excellent items there this round for both the home and your avatar. Check this stuff out.

Dem Deets:
For Edi Chapel - Scarlet Creative
oddity vases. candy. - junk NEW!!
catelog table / grey - floorplan
craft room - papers - Second Spaces (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Blue) - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
Imaginarium Librarium Mariner - Lark (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Ready To Travel - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
Tolix Inspired Industrial Chair - Apple Fall (September Arcade) NEW!!
record player / vintage - floorplan (September Arcade) NEW!!
slumber. (bed-birch blue) RARE - Art Dummy (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Folded Clothes - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - MP3 (Blue) - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
Imaginarium Librarium Secret - Lark (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Books - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!! 
Two-Tone Chair Opal - Boogers (July Collabor88)
Poppies / Glazed Vase - Apple Fall (September Arcade) NEW!!
craft room - washi tape - Second Spaces (September Arcade) NEW!!
Woodstock - Apple Fall (September Arcade) NEW!!
Letterbox Frame / R and L - Commoner (September Arcade) NEW!!
Bon Voyage - Open Suitcase - Tres Blah (September Arcade) NEW!!
perry chair. posy. - junk NEW!!
silhouette lamp-Girl - bbqq (September Arcade) NEW!!
His Cabinet - Apple Fall (September Arcade) NEW!!
Imaginarium Librarium Treasures - Lark (September Arcade) NEW!! 
Jute Natural Rug - Apple Fall (September Arcade) NEW!!
incense - Zigana (September Arcade) NEW!!
Imaginarium Librarium Poetry - RARE - Lark (September Arcade) NEW!! 

On Me:
Giz (Type B) (RARE) - D!va (September Arcade) NEW!!
Aurora Nightdress Peach S - Tee*fy (September Arcade) NEW!!
Solstice Pale - Steffen Garcia 


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