Here we are! Our new blog, and new focus: homes and what makes 'em beautiful. Our first post fits the holiday season (If you're in the States, like we are). We hope you enjoy your food as much as we are going to. Have a great Thanksgiving!

- Tati and Larian



Furniture (from left to right):
Croton Plant - Funky Junk
Butterfly Table - L&K
Pictures - LISP (November Collabor88)
Books - Mud Honey
Pinecones - Turnip
Phone and Notepad - What Next
Lamp - Rustica
House Plant - Rustica
Mirror - North West (no longer available)
Fireplace - LISP (November Collabor88)
Pumpkins - Artilleri and Full Perm
Trunk - What Next
Drawers - Zigana
Basket of Logs - What Next
Aloe Vera Plant - Funky Junk
Bench - Cheeky Pea
Hat Stand - What Next
Dining Table - Turnip
Chairs - Cheeky Pea and PILOT
Chandelier - Meshworx
Rugs - Zigana

On the Table (from left to right):
Bowls - POST
Bread - POST
Pears and Bowl - LISP
Fruit Salad - +9
Cobbler - Petite Maison
Stacked Plates - POST
Corn - Chez Moi
Pitcher - POST
Napkins - Palais
Mini Apple Pies - +9
Glasses of Water - BP (no longer available)
Candles - LISP
Cookie on Plate - RC
Turkey - Prefabrica
Sugar dish - LISP
Decanter of Water - BP (no longer available)
Preserve Jars - What Next
Pumpkin Cooler - What Next
Souffle and Plate of Sliced Souffle - +9
Stack of Cookies and Hot Chocolate Cups - What Next
Stacks of Plates - MMG's


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