So it's Thanksgiving Day and Larian is probably getting ready for an epic feast over on the East Coast while I am still patiently waiting and holding back any urges to snack before dinner because it's only 2:30 in the afternoon for me.  So I went on SL for awhile, did ONLY some window shopping, at least for now and came across a group for Sway Dench.  Now, if you haven't heard Sway, who is a long time SL designer who specializes in home decor; recently sent out news to her group and bloggers that she has a brain tumor.  Now, this just really hit home for me, Tati, because at the age of 12/13 years old I was also diagnosed with a brain disorder, so I know how scary it all can, no matter the age or circumstance, anything wrong with a brain can be devastating.
     After reading the notice I reached out to her.  I know I am just a stranger on Second Life who has maybe spoken to her a few times, but she always been a kind woman to do business with.  I told her she's in my thoughts and prayers through her times ahead and know she has many, in fact, numerous, people supporting her, which is what counts.  No one wants to go through such an ordeal alone.  If you are reading this, I would like to add a personal statement, though people get diagnosed with issues daily, please don't treat them like they are made of glass.  They are still the same person.  I know, it seems odd and perhaps not my place how to tell people how to act.  But from experience and seeing others go through things, people don't want their lives to change when they've already gone through enough mentally and/or physically (health wise).  So, what can you do?  Please check out the upcoming event Together For Sway!


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