Now, I do not really know for certain if Black Friday (the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA, aka: the day after Thanksgiving) is a big ordeal worldwide, but here in the states it is such a huge consumer event for everyone, buyers and business owners, that this year they actually started it  on Thursday (Thanksgiving) night, around 7/8pm.  I was watching the news about the insanity of people spending their Thanksgiving in line to go shopping for Christmas.  Well, I am not sure about most of you, but I rather spend my Black Friday (or now, Thursday/Early Friday) with a full tummy from Thanksgiving dinner and surfing the internet on getting ideas for gifts.  My post for tonight was inspired, well, by Black Friday, well, my ideal Black Friday.  Cozy at home, lounging, money nearby to count while laying in front of a cozy fire.  For those actually braving the crowds all day today, good luck and I hope you find those special people something great!

Pillows (gacha item) - NODe
Fireplace - LISP
Laptop - LISP
Rug - LISP
Chair - LISP
Reel with Rope - LISP
Sea Horse Light - LISP
Lantern and Blue Side Table - LISP
Book Shelf w/ books - What Next
Chest -What Next Next
Piggy Bank (gacha item) - Sway's

Pebble Poofs with Coffe and Tray - LISP
Broken Clock - LISP
Pew/Bench - LISP
Holding Hands Stool - Art Dummy from Arcade Event (retired item)


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