I haven't posted in a few days, so I figured I'd give you guys some pictures to look at. I took these earlier this week, and wanted to do a blog post for them. The warm and neutral colors are dying away as the last bit of fall leaves us in New York, so I'll probably not do another picture with this color scheme for a while.

I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, and your deals found on black Friday even better! Have a good weekend!

- Larian


All items are shown in top picture (Clockwise from bottom):
Yellow Poof - LISP
Hot Chocolate Tray - What Next
Stacked Books -POST
Orange and White Poof - Cheeky Pea & PILOT
Birdcage - Bark
Dropped Dress - Dutchie
Chair - LISP
Frames - Rustica
Basket of Wood - What Next
Adult Reading and Journal - POST
Fireplace - What Next
Nested Tables - Hanaya
Sheet Music - LISP
Pinecones - Turnip
Vase - PILOT
Stacked Wood - Loft
Packages - LISP
Piano - LISP
Cup of Coffee - Atelier Kreslo
Cup and Rose - LISP
Packages - Artilleri
Newspaper on Bench - Dutchie
Various Books - Floorplan, LISP
Bear - Monger
Mirror - Zigana
Frames - North West (No longer available)
Umbrella Stand - What Next
Flats - Mon Tissu
Mail - LISP
Cookie on Plate - RC
Typewriter - What Next
Fox - Zooby
Rug - LISP


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