Nothing special, just some living room love! I don't have much to say besides make sure you check out the Arcade Gacha event which starts Saturday! There are lots of amazing previews on the Arcade's Flickr group. (Ignore the wonky green chair, the back didn't load, and I snapped a picture without realizing it.)

Have a good weekend!

- Larian


Everything in 1st picture (from left to right):
Dresser - Cheeky Pea
Cross Stiches - MudHoney
Slippers - Commoner
Chair - Little Boxes (no longer available)
Snowglobe - Commoner
Picture - Commoner
Bookcase - Abiss
Pillows - NODe
Chair- North West (no longer available)
Books - Apple Fall
Camera -Tee*fy
Rug - Awesome Blossom (no longer available)
Christmas Trees - End of Daze NEW!
Blue Table - Floorplan
Lamp - Abiss
Zig Zag Rug - LISP
Couch - Zigana
Hat Boxes - Mebbery
Green Chair - Little Boxes (no longer available)
Table - Floorplan
Newspaper - What Next
Books - POST
Laptop - Apple Fall
Fireplace - LISP
Books on Fireplace - Apple Fall
Candles - LISP
Picture - Apple Fall
Logs - the Loft

Not in first picture:
Message Board - Floorplan
Table - Trompe Loeil
Box of Goodies - nordari
Apple Tarts - +9
Yellow Boxes -MMG's


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