December 1st @ Midnight, the next session of the Arcade Gacha Event starts till the end of the month; hence why I haven't posted recently, been saving up my L's!  HERE you can see the complete shopping guide of all the machines from each store represented at the event.  I know I have some top favorites, but out of ones I haven't had a pleasure to blog for, [HANDverk] has an adorable Alice in Wonderland themed gacha based off the Hatter's Mad Tea Party.  As you may or may not know, I LOVE all things Alice in Wonderland related, so I was so giddy to see this on the Arcade guide.
 (My Alice Wind-Up Doll Avi)
Some other Gacha's that caught my eye right away have been (in no order):

-Floorplan. (all)
-BCC (caps with hair)
-Curio Obscura (wands)
-Commoner (origami deer heads)
-Katat0nik (stuffed animal bags)
-LISP (animal hoppers)
-LaGyo (earrings)
-MIAMAI (critter society hats)
-Schadenfreude (Vouboo Collection I)
-Tee*fy (Radio Star)
-Tres Blah (Pastry Mania)
-Trompe Loeil (12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar keys)
-R(S)W (Decorative Wall Plates)
-Monso (Shoes)
-U.F.O (Slippers) hard to NOT mention them all, but yeah, there is my list :)  Have fun everyone, I hope everyone gets the items they desire :)



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