Okay Folks Here Are My Doubles or No Need For Items, SO FAR:

UPDATED: Dec 5th @ 6:40pm SLT
For Arcade Dec 2012:

[HANDverk] Gachas:
Hatter Chair
Hatter Settings
Cheshire Cat Chair
Dormouse Chair
Dormouse Setting
March Hare Chair
March Hare Setting
(I've completed the set but willing to trade for other things, but these are extras)

House of Fox Gacha:
Black Trunk
Black Carrying Trunk
Black Make Up Case
(Will Trade for Vintage patterns/ I have the Duffle and Trunk in Vintage)

Floorplan. Gumball Machine Gacha:
-Have the Gold Rare to Trade for the Audrey Blue Rare

Floorlan Silhouette Gacha:
(Would like the Rabbit/Bunny one)

Floorplan Sleepy Rockers Gacha:

Commoner Oragami Deer Head Gacha:
Purple, Orange, Green and Red
(Willing to trade for pink)

Monso Fancy Flats Gacha:
-Pointed Cat Blue
-Pointed Cat Yellow1
-Pointed Cat Black
-Pointed Cat Red
(would LOVE the sheep flats)

The Secret Store Gacha:
-Neon Yellow Satchel 
-Mint Satchel

Tee*fy Star Radios Gacha:
-Cassette Radio Fanta
-Cassette Radio Drom
-Portable Radio Orange
-Portable Radio Black
-Portable Radio Printed Blue
-Portable Radio Pink
(would love to trade for a receiver radio)

-TB- Pastry Mania Gacha:
-Bon Appetit Cake
-Raspberry Cake
-Mustache Cup
-Raspberry Heart
-Pastry Puffs
-Chocolate Cake

GLOW Studio Gacha:
Birdy Glasses (Tur)
Juicy Gems Earrings (Copper)
(would really like a Cherry Mint or Strawberry Mint macaroon bags)

Curio Obscura Wand Gacha:
- Crescent Fairy Wand
- Stellar Fairy Wand
- Truelove Fairy Wand
- Heart Wand

Art Dummy Gacha:
- Chair 2 in Pink, Red, Beige, Yellow, Blue
- Chair 1 in Yellow, Pink, Beige, Blue, Red
- Armchair in Beige, Pink

Tulip Sweashirts in S:
- Charcoal
- Grey
- Burgandy
- Durt

Schadenfreude vouboo dolls:
- Kee (2)
- Gilly
- Cisty
- Stitch
- Cerny (2)
- Lorily (3)
- Sir (2)
- Bones
- Jo
- Rori

[Aux] RARE Unicorn Wings
:) BCC RARE  Juliet Hair Gacha Black 2
to trade for the rare Granny Satchel or Monso Sheep Flats.

If you would like to trade with me or deal some how please send me a NC, first come first serve.  I am Pacific Coast Time, which is the same as SL Time, and off all weekend.  Keep in mind I shall update this list though :)

-Tatiana Spellhunter-


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