Can you believe it, that the year is coming to an end already?  On a cool note, I stumbled upon on a new hunt on accident a few days ago; even though not all the items are up yet, most of them are so I went hunting.  The name of this hunt is called, 'New In 2013 Hunt,' or, NI2013H.  If you have some time between now and Jan 20th (haha, which I am sure many of you will), you will find the hunt fairly easy.  Happy Hunting: CLUES HERE
     Also, 'The Attic' has some cute pose sets for you and your friends to ring in the New Year.  Or you can use them for just the epic decor that they are.  Below I am using Sway's new 2013 pose sign in color (she also has it in gold and black)

♥ Tati

Sign: Sway's - [2013] colored
Dock: Cheek Pea - Bae Dock
New Year's Crown: Alouette - New Years Crown - Pink
Fireworks: Damani -Fireworks deLuxe
-Sorry for the pix being darker but was trying to get the fireworks-


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