I was away from Second Life for about a week, and Tati did a great job of keeping you guys up to speed on new releases during that time, so I put together something little and fun for New Year's Eve! Nothing special, just some of the new items that Tati showed you guys (which are all out now).

A heads up: Turnip is having a sale on most of her items that is lasting until TOMORROW, so make sure you go check out her stuff before she retires it and makes room for her all new mesh items! There's also a few group gifts floating around right now that you'll want to snatch up before they're gone. LAQ has an awesome chime that spins and makes a cute sound, Cheeky Pea has a dollarbie at her store, and a group gift also, What Next has the print hanging above the fireplace in this version and a color version also as a group gift, and End of Daze has the sacks and bongo as a group gift right now, too.

Have a good New Year, drink lots of bubbly, and may your 2013 be full of awesome. =)


Picture 1 (Left to right):
Fireplace - LISP
2013 Candles - What Next (Lazy Sunday) NEW!!
Chair - Apple Fall (2012 Advent Calendar)
Ornaments in Box - Cheeky Pea (Christmas Dollarbie)
Frame - What Next (Lazy Sunday) NEW!!
Side Table - Floorplan
Book - Lark
Letters - LISP
Lamp - Apple Fall (2012 With Love Hunt)
Scrabble - Scarlet Apple (TFS December 2012)
Rug - Cheeky Pea

Picture 2:
Sacks and Drum - End of Daze (January group gift!) NEW!!
Mirror - Zinnia's NEW!!
Log Basket - LISP
Incense - iTuTu

Picture 3:
Green House - Apple Fall (December Zodiac Event)
Bike - What Next
Grass - Zigana
Trees - Forest Floor

Picture 4:
Curtains - Floorplan NEW!!
Angel Chimes - LAQ (December group gift!) NEW!!
Frame - What Next (Group gift!) NEW!!
Pine Cones - Turnip


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