Well, this is it guys, the last round of Lazy Sunday and Fifty Linden Friday of 2012.  Thank you to all the creators for such a great year with wonderful treats!

-Tati ♥

Mantle Frame:  What's Next - Auld Lang Syne Mantle Art Print
Head Vase: (NO) - Dreamer (Arcade Summer 2012)
Candles: Whats Next - 2013 Candles Decor
Hydrangea: iTuTu - Hydrangea pot - blue
Bowl of Pinecones: Whats Next - 'Winter' Laurel Bowl of Pine Cones
Friends Picture: Scarlet Creative - Friends Picture Block
New Year's Picture: What's Next - Resolutions Wall Print (colours)
Bike Picture: Scarlet Creative - Bikes Picture Block
LOVE Letters: Scarlet Creative - Love Letters Sign
Pillows: Scarlet Creative - Holiday Cushion Blanc & Neutral
Chair: MudHoney - Meredith Chair
Trunk: What's Next - Tattered Trunk
Tray and Treats: What's Next - Chocolatier Drinks Tray (with steam FX)
Carpet: iTuTu - modern rug- lace/brown
Scrabble: Scarlet Apple - Let's Play Scrabble (TFS Event)
Basket w/ Logs: Whats Next - Laurel Log Basket
Side Table: Trompe Loeil  - Curio Table Polar with Marble Display
Lamp: Whats Next - 'Winter' Laurel Table Lamp (First Frost)
Decorative Shutters: Scarlet Creative - Holiday Shutter
Heart: Scarlet Creative - Holiday Heart - Faded


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