So, being the Alice in Wonderland maniac I am IRL and SL I nearly fainted at this round of Arcade seeing Handverk's Alice Themed Gacha, and of course, let's not forget, Tres Blah adorable pastries that just added to the cuteness of the party!  I have another Alice themed Arcade photo contest entry, but it is not not shown below, but it can be found on our Flickr page.  Below are just a few collages I did with the adorable goodies from Handverk and Tres Blah @ Arcade (Yes, I have the full sets, yippy!) Hope ya like...

All items featured in these photos (on the table (including the table) and the chairs and tree) can be won at the Arcade from either HandVerk or Tres Blah.  The topiary I found on Marketplace quite awhile ago, just search for Alice items under home and garden, if I recall.  The Alice giant pop up book was a gift from ages ago.


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