I tried a little something-something here, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Lots of plants, lots of vibrant colored pots, the mosaic walls, wood planks for the ceiling, and a sloppy stone floor.

Eh, maybe it'll grow on me. Let me know what you think!

I wanted to let you guys know that a lot of stores are participating in advent calendars! I know Apple Fall is, and all of their items are 50L, Swayland is also doing one, so make sure you go check theirs out! Also, make sure you get your FLF items if you missed them yesterday, and keep an eye out for the Lazy Sunday items coming out tomorrow. What Next has something awesome in store for our lazy bums.

Have awesome holidays, boys and girls!


2nd Picture (Bottom of the 1st collage):
Bench - POST (With Love Hunt December 2012)
Telescope - End of Daze
Vase - Tatty Soup
Chalkboard - What Next NEW!!
Cactus - Funky Junk
Stool - Zigana
Table - L&K
Potted Flowers and Plants - Artilleri and Funky Junk
Radio - End of Daze
Mirror - Zigana
Canvas Grouping - Hanaya
Fireplace - Apple Fall (Advent Calendar day 6)
Fox - Zooby
Rocking Chair - Vespertine (Arcade Event Winter 2012)

3rd Picture (Left side of 2nd collage):
Lamp - Tatty Soup
Chair - What Next (Arcade Event Summer 2012)
Plants - Zigana and
Skulls - Zinnias

4th Picture (top right of 2nd collage, items not previously listed):
Chair with Blanket - What Next (Arcade Event Summer 2012)
Bucket of Apples - Artilleri
Ladder - Zinnias

6th Picture:
Statue - Rustica (free, if I'm not mistaken!)
Potted Tree - Rustica (also free!)
Chair - MudHoney
Table - Zigana
Decanter - BP (no longer available)
Bread - POST
Basket of Logs - LISP (SUYS December 2012)


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