First, terribly sorry for not posting as much this week, things have been busy, busy in my real life.  I know some of these items you've seen in previous post but I just wanted to share some shots inside my house for Christmas before it is all store away for another year or post.  These photos are in my actual house not a set I made, so the walls are white for now, I have yet dared to textured them, so I am scared of messing with mesh, I might call in an expert :)  But yes, Happy Holidays and thank you to all our readers and friends for supporting our blog :) 

Notes:  My color pallet is based of my furniture I use in my house on off holidays, which are nautical tones, think the beach.  Blue, sand, white, silvers, golds, maybe some sea foam green.

First Picture Set
Circular Chairs: Y's House - Round Chair 01 [nan/Fluffy-brown] & Round Chair 02 [nan/corduroy/]
Tea Set: Y's House - KYUSU [HART] (past 50L Friday)
Rug: Picnic - Sheep
Posters: Art Dummy - all is calm. all is bright./ peace./the edge of winter. (art on wood)
Star: Zigana - Star light .red (group gift)
Chalkboard Picture: What's Next - I'm An Angel Chalkboard & Pose
Cabinet: Floorplan - shutter cabinet / moon
Noel and Candles: Apple Fall - Advent Day 2
Sugar Plum Fairy: Nudolou - Matriochka Noel Sugar plum fairy (music box)
Potted Plant: Floorplan- boho ivy planter / pink
Coffee Table: LAQ
 Eggnog: What's Next - Eggnog Set (with animations)
Food on Table: Poche -  xmas Stollen
Nutcracker: Nudolou - Matriochka Noel - Nutcracker (music box)
Champagne: Poche - Merry Christmas, champagne 2

Second Picture Set
Bike: What's Next - Camden's Blogger Bike
Heater: BBQQ - in Silver
Chair with Throw Blanket: MudHoney - Meredith Chair
Hanging Signs: What's Next - Let It Snow & Baby It's Cold Outside (Arcade Winter 2012)
Trunk: What's Next - Tattered Trunk
Tray with Hot Chocolate: What's Next - Chocolatier Drinks Tray (with steam FX)
Radio: Tee*fy - Cassette Radio Alice (Arcade Winter 2012)
Clock: Sway - [Spirit] Pendulum Clock - Snowman (Arcade Winter 2012)
Angel: Sway -  [Star] blond / blue - large (TFS Event)
Stockings: What's Next -  'First Frost' Christmas Stockings
Lights: What's Next - Amalfi String Lights - Winter Blue
Flowers: iTuTu -  Hydrangea pot - blue
Sign: What's Next - Make the season BRIGHT Print
Deer Head: Commoner - Origami Deer Head (Blue) (Arcade Winter 2012)
Tree: Trompe Loeil - Funky Christmas Tree Colorful v2
Gift Boxes: Trompe Loeil/Floorplan/What's Next
Sofa and Chair: LAQ - (BlueStriped) Ruffled Slipcover Sofa  (BlueStriped) Armchair with blanket
Rocker: Vespertine - sleepy rocking chair./ snowflake (Arcade Winter 2012)
Scrabble Board: Crimson Apple - Let's Play Scrabble (TFS Event)
Gingerbread: What's Next -  'Dear Santa' Cookies & Milk
Basket with Logs: What's Next -  Laurel Log Basket
Small Sofa: iTuTu - day bed / blue
UK Map: Lark - Map - Ikat - Vertical


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