I rediscovered Rain in Eastern Europe by nordari this morning. Man, do I love this build. It's just...perfect. I filled it full of pastels and neutrals with some splashes of bright pinks and whatnot. Oh, and of course, lots of clutter.

I'm not sure exactly what sort of feel I was going for, but it feels (to me) like Christmas-y at a vacation home.

My favorite parts are the shoes in the hallway and the shelf under the windows.

I used a few new items, all of which are available. What Next is to thank for the awesome signs in the hall, and the tree with the frames hanging from it, the easel is from LISP for Collabor88, the rack of nail polish is for the With Love hunt by PILOT, and the telescope is from End of Daze. I think those are the newest items in the pictures, and you can see them in other settings in posts from earlier this week.

- Larian


1st picture:
Umbrella Stand - What Next
Surf Boards - What Next
Signs - What Next
Lights - What Next
Shoes - League, Red Grave, What Next, Gos, 50 Flats, VB Creations
Welcome Mat - What Next

 Poofs - LISP
Telescope - End of Daze
Cake Stand - Artilleri
Phone - Artilleri
Radio - End of Daze
Books - Floorplan, Apple Fall, MudHoney
Paper and Paper Weight - Picnic
Vase - Tatty Soup
Lamp - Apple Fall (With Love Hunt December 2012)
Letters - LISP
Teapot - LISP
Glass of Water - BP (no longer available)
Boxes - LISP
Pinecones - Turnip
iPad - NODe
Chair - Atelier Kreslo
Rug - LISP
Bottom Right (not shown in 1st):
Tulip Table - Tatty Soup
Shoes - DECO

3rd Picture (shows pretty much everything):
Heater - bbqq
Hanging Lamp - North West (no longer available)
White Chair - North West (no longer available)
Wooden Trees - End of Daze
Hot Chocolate Tray - emm
Nail Polish Rack - PILOT
Prints - SPRY
Cross Stiches - MudHoney
Print behind chair - Commoner
Message Board - Sway's
Stool with Pillows - Zigana
Table - North West (no longer available)
Couch - Tatty Soup

4th Picture (not shown in 3rd):
 Decanter - BP (no longer available)
Tray on Couch - LIPS
Laptop - Apple Fall
Bowl of Pears - LISP
Jar of Brushes - LISP

5th Picture (not shown in 3rd of 4th):
Tree and Frames - What Next
Flowers - What Next
Sign - What Next (December 2012 Arcade Event)
End Table - Zigana
Newspapers - What Next
Skeleton - Glitterati
Chalk Board - Floorplan
Manuscript - Floorplan
Fireplace - What Next
Log Basket - What Next


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