Some cool releases, holiday related and otherwise! Sway's has released these super cute angels that come in a TON of different choices. There are three types of items they can hold: a heart, a sign, and a star, and each one comes in three size options, blonde and brunette, and with the two hair colors are different dress colors. It's super cool!

What Next is also releasing some pretty sweet looking dressers made out of suitcases. Of course the pastel colored one is my favorite, it's called retro spring. I have a thing for dressers. There's something about the drawers that just makes me hoard them, so I was excited to add this beautiful piece to my collection.

So, I creep flickr, in case you didn't know. I get on there at least ten times a day just to check out all the awesome pictures everyone posts. These last few days I've been seeing these owl cushions popping up in some of the photos, so I hunted them down today, bought all of them (of course) and added them to the scene I made with the Sway's and What Next items! I think they work well! Have a good weekend ladies and gents!

- Larian


Left to right, of course:
Curtains - What Next
Ivy - Floorplan
Incense - iTuTu
Cocktail (can't really see it) - POST
Owl Cushions - iTuTu
Dresser - What Next (NEW!!)
Hydrangeas - iTuTu
Angels - Sway's (NEW!!)
Cake - Tres Blah (December Arcade 2012)
Yoga Mat - Dutchie
Chair - Cheeky Pea
Books - Floorplan, MudHoney, LISP
Table - Cheeky Pea
Clock - Cheeky Pea
Plant - Artilleri
Sun Block - What Next
Fireplace - What Next


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