Nothing special today, just some of the Collabor88 finds that Tati showed you yesterday along with some of the FLF items available this week. It's a warm space with a loft-ish feel to it that I thought was cozy enough to bum around in for a few hours after taking some pictures.


1st Picture:
Shelf - Cheeky Pea (Collabor88 January 2013)
Cactus - Zinnia's
Table and Chairs - Vespertine
Rug - Zigana
Books - PILOT
Basket - Scarlet Apple
Dandelion Print - What Next
Armchair, couch, and coffee table - Cheeky Pea (Collabor88 January 2013)
House Candles - DIGS
Pads - Second Spaces
End Table - What Next (FLF)
Laptop - Apple Fall
Heater - bbqq
Flight Prints - PILOT
Wooden Ball - PILOT
Ceiling Lamp - Cheeky Pea (Collabor88 January 2013)

2nd Picture:
Bow and Arrows - PILOT
Ladder - Zinnia's
Plant - Funky Junk
Scrabble - Scarlet Apple
Laundry Basket - LISP

3rd Picture:
End Table - Cheeky Pea (Collabor88 January 2013)
Terrarium - Cheeky Pea (Collabor88 January 2013)
Candles - Allouette and Cheeky Pea
Mirror - Zigana
Console Table - Zigana
Cooler - What Next
Ship - Apple Fall (Previous Mens Dept.)


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