I just wanted to show you guys some of the cute things being released this week/next week.

The chairs are from this round of stuff at Atelier Kreslo, brought to you by Zigana and Flowey, these four are just a few of many colors available, so make sure you go check them out sometime this month!

The tree art and ladder is What Next's item for the upcoming  Four Walls Hunt (It starts the 17th, so this Thursday!) I love Winter's seasonal tree art, they're all so pretty.

The birdcages, which are kinda hidden, are new releases from End of Daze. I used the white versions and tinted them, but they do come in a bunch of colors, and are also mod so you could just tint them if you'd rather do that.

Chairs - Zigana and Flowey (at Atelier Kreslo)
Plants - Tatty Soup
Ladder and Tree Art  - What Next (Upcoming Four Walls Hunt) NEW!!
Birdcages - End of Daze NEW!!


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