So today I put together two bedrooms to showcase some of the items available for both this week's FLF and the February round of FaMESHed.

The first bedroom features Trompe Loeil's new bedroom set available at FaMESHed. This set is in the gray wood with the morning light fabric choices. There are TONS of options for this bed in both fabric and wood color (as always), so make sure you look at everything before picking a set or piece. Also, the ceiling fan is awesome.

The second bedroom is primarily Floorplan stuff that she released this week for both FLF and FaMESHed. If you're wondering which is which: the stair shelf and the shutter decor are both FLF items, and the bed set (bed, side table, paper decor, lamps, linen cabinet, and divider are all part of the Anna bedroom set at FaMESHed.) I really like the bed from this set. I'm a huge fan of fun colored pillows, and the headboard is perfectly shabby. =)


1st Bedroom:
Side Tables, Bed, Trunk, Word Art, Fan, and Lamp - Trompe Loeil (February FaMESHed 2013) NEW!!
Aviation Art, Vase, and Books - PILOT
Dropped Dress (not really visible) - Dutchie

2nd Bedroom:
Divider, Dresser, Table, Bed, Lamp, and Paper Decor - Floorplan (February FaMESHed 2013) NEW!!
Stair Shelf and Shutter Decor - Floorplan (FLF) NEW!!
Books - Apple Fall, Loft, LISP, and BAZAR
Kitty Pot - Atelier Kreslo
Plants - Tatty Soup, LISP, and What Next


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I love your kitty pot!!!! <3

  2. Atelier Kreslo is having a pottery class sale (I think it's still going on)! All the pots are cute and cheap!