I've never been able to put together a whole bathroom before, so the new bathtub by LAQ is super exciting to me! It finishes my set! I have a sink and a toilet from Dutchie, but I never really liked their tubs. LAQ's tub though...oh, boy, is it gorgeous. It comes with a ton of options and all of them on a rezzer. As seen in these photos the tub (shower, curtain, side table, petals and tub) totals only 13 prims. Yup, mesh is amazing.

The wall of mirrors is a group gift from Tatty Soup, the love candles in the corner are part of What Next's Lazy Sunday this week, and everything else has been blogged before!

Have a good Monday! <3

Tub and Table - LAQ Decor NEW!!
Phone - Artilleri
Toilet and Sink - Dutchie
Magazine Holder - BAZAR
Laundry Basket - What Next
Drawers - Zigana
Candles - What Next (Lazy Sunday) NEW!!
Dropped Dress - Dutchie
Hanging Towel - Dutchie
Flowers - Tatty Soup
Mirrors - Tatty Soup (Group Gift) NEW!!
Books - Apple Fall
Stool - Floorplan (Valentines Nest Event) NEW!!
Perfume - Mon Tissu (Group Gift)
Book and Lantern on Toilet - Floorplan and Apple Fall


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