Floorplan has teamed up with fri.day to release a new set of items under the fri.day home brand! A cute parlor set that's available in both an adult and PG version can be found at fri.day's flagship store. I'm super excited about this because I love Floorplan (not a new declaration), and I've always been fond of fri.day's home decor. There hasn't been much of it, but she's had pedestal tables available in her store for some time, and I have snagged like five of them for my home over the past few years. This parlor set comes with two arm chairs, love seat, desk, desk chair, wall shelf with frames on it, shutter wall shelf,  cubby, side table, suitcase coffee table, birdcage lamp, desk lamp, rug, and book decor. That's SO much stuff, and true to Floorplan's nature, almost everything comes with multiple option for textures and colors. All of it totals up to just 25LI. That's totally banaynays.

fri.day home has released some things for FLF too! The console table with the window decor is one of the items available this week from them. There's also a pastel version of the suitcase coffee table available for 50L.

Floorplan ALSO released something new today for FLF. The book lamp shown in the first picture is available in this blue version, along with the spool table (which is amazing) at the Floorplan main store for 50L, of course. There's also an autumn version of the book lamp available for regular price as well.

Last new thing to be shown in this room is the cute lovebird frame from Sway's! It's perfect for Valentine's day, but I think I'll keep mine up all year round. In my eyes it's never not the time for a little love.


Other things you should be aware of:

Like Tati said, the Arcade starts up again next month, so prepare yourselves! There's also this awesome puzzle event going on right now, run by the Hottie Cooterati experience called Global Domination. It costs 400L to join, but there are a TON of prices, and when you grab them all it adds up to well over that amount in savings, so make sure you go check it out. Uhm, new round of Collabor88, of course, and if you haven't checked out this month's FaMESHed you're slacking. =P OH, and the new round of zodiac is going on, so go check that out as well. I am probably missing some things, but these should be enough to keep you busy for the next few days. <3


1st Picture:
 Desk and Chair - fri.day home NEW!!
Flowers- Tatty Soup
Shelf with frames - fri.day home NEW!!
Cubby Shelf - fri.day home NEW!!
Books - Floorplan
Book Lamp - Floorplan (FLF) NEW!!
Lovebird Decor - Sway's NEW!!
Loveseat - fri.day home NEW!!

3rd Picture:
Table - fri.day home NEW!!
Lamp - fri.day home NEW!!
Book - Floorplan

4th Picture:
Coffee Table - Floorplan (FLF) NEW!!
Book and Frame Decor - fri.day home NEW!!
Flower and Milk Jar - BP*

5th Picture:
Chairs - fri.day home NEW!!
Table with Frame and Crate of Pillows - fri.day home (FLF) NEW!!
Lamp - fri.day home NEW!!
Books - Floorplan


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