Yay!  I am back on my normal computer, woot!  And just in time to give you some goodies for the lovey dovey day of Valentine's!  If you are spending it on Second Life here are so lovely treats to spruce up your space with the feel of love ... Or to get because it's so darn cute!!!  I know Larian has posted some of these items already, but they are too cute not to show again :D  Also, start saving your L's, Arcade is next month!

With love,

Tati xoxo


Blanket: [Tia] Cuddle Quilt & Pillows - Green
Boxes: What's Next - With Love Gift Box Set
Strawberry Food Set: Poche -Strawberry Festival
Candles and Art: What's Next - Love Candles Decor and Happy Ever After Mantle Print
Cupcakes: Sway's - Cakestand with Cupcakes [Rose] and Cakestand with Cupcakes [original]
Lights: What's Next - Amalfi String Lights in Cherry and Pale Pink
Stool: Floorplan -  conversation heart stool


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