I hunkered down and played the Tres Blah machine for all of the items. I didn't do it last round, and am still kicking myself about not having two of the rares, so I was determined to make sure I didn't make the same mistake this time. I'm super glad I didn't now that I have all of the pieces. The set is absolutely to die for. Really. It isn't the only cute decor set available this time around though, which is also awesome! Tee*fy has an outdoor sweets table and sweets to collect. I haven't won all of them yet, but I'm only missing two rares, and I have extra rares from other machines I'm hoping to trade for tomorrow.

Caravan Cart - Zigana (March Arcade) NEW!!
Table and Chairs - The Domineaux Effect (March Arcade) NEW!!
Bunting, Hanging Poofs, Teapot, Stacked Cups, and Flowers in Tin - Tres Blah (March Arcade) NEW!!
Radio - ionic
Chimes - LAQ Decor
Teddy Bear - Monger
Panda Box - Standby Inc. (March Arcade) NEW!!
Mason Jar Light - Trompe Loeil (March Arcade) NEW!! 
Book - Floorplan
Decanter and Glass with Flowers - BP*
Newspaper - Dutchie
Music Box - ContraptioN (March Arcade) NEW!!
Ottoman - Apple Fall (March Arcade) NEW!!
Rollerskates - The Secret Store (March Arcade) NEW!!
Chevron Carpet - Scarlet Creative (March Arcade) NEW!!
Lawn Chairs - What Next (March Arcade) NEW!!
Turquoise Teapot - Schadenfreude (March Arcade) NEW!!


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