There are SO MANY nice items at the Arcade this round. So much so that I'm splitting the items up into a few posts. The items shown here are just a small fraction of what's available, so don't think I'm even doing the event justice. The sunshine shelf to the left is a rare item from Standby Inc., and you can fill it with coffee containers like the one sitting on the right side of the desk. The desk is from DIGS, the chair with all of the books shoved into the lining (which is super cool looking) is from Alouette, and the curtains behind the desk are from LeeZu. The lamp, crystal ball, and suitcases can all be found at the Arcade too, and in a ton of colors (of course).

Start making your lists now, loves. The 1st is only two days off.

Shelf - Standby Inc. (March Arcade) NEW!!
Desk - DIGS (March Arcade) NEW!!
Crystal Ball - A.D.D.Andel! (March Arcade) NEW!!
Books and Papers - Zigana (Item Packages)
Lamp - Trompe Loeil (March Arcade) NEW!!
Coffee Container - Standby Inc. (March Arcade) NEW!!
Suitcases - Vespertine (March Arcade) NEW!!
Jar - LWL - Item case (March Arcade) NEW!!
Curtains - LeeZu (March Arcade) NEW!!
Chair - Alouette (March Arcade) NEW!!


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