Arcade is coming. It's only 4 days off at this point, and I don't know about you, but I'm psyched. Keep your eyes peeled, loves, because this round is going to be full of amazing things (as if the past rounds weren't). If you haven't done so yet, make sure you check out the Arcade's official Flickr, and blog for all the info.

In the meantime, here's a cute, airy, bedroom to take a gander at. <3

Hall Tree - Y's House
Lilly Vase - Tatty Soup
Cabinet - Art Dummy
Cake Stand - Artilleri
Heart Chalkboard - Floorplan
Pink Potted Plant - Artilleri
Corner Shelf - Fri.home
End Table with Wheels - Zigana
White Potted Plant - Zigana
Book Stack - MudHoney
Book Lamp - Floorplan
Bed - Art Dummy
Frame Bookshelf - .lame
Coil Basket - MudHoney
Carnation Vase - MudHoney
Book Stack on Bed - Art Dummy
Vase with Yellow Flowers - Art Dummy
Triangle Cushions - FLRN
Standing Books - Apple Fall
Phone - Artilleri
Coffee Cup - Atelier Kreslo
Breakfast Tray - What Next
Curtain - INK
Papers - Floorplan
Stacked Baskets - Y's House
Flowers in Milk Can - Tatty Soup
Radio - End of Daze
Floor Lamp - Art Dummy
Desk with Frame - Fri.home
Chair - Fri.home
Frames - ionic
Flowers in Blue Vase - LISP
Lantern - What Next (March Arcade) NEW!!
Leaning Frames - ionic


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