This is a bit different than my usual pastel-dripped, lace-filled scenes, but that's okay! It was a super fun scene to do, and I think we did a pretty nice job putting together a semi-grungy trailer. The outside is definitely my favorite part, though. The trailer, stove, kitchen table and chairs, couch, tree decor, and bed alllll the way in the back are all from Absent Designs. He specializes in grungy, and has some amazing, low prim builds and furniture. It's definitely worth a look if you're wanting something to rough your space up.

Trailer - Absent Designs
Grass - We're Closed
Flamingo - Zigana
Chairs - Zigana (Past Atelier Kreslo)
Radiator - Absent Designs

Stove, Couch, Kitchen Table and Chairs, and Bed - Absent Design
Chinese Boxes, Pizza Box - Apple Fall
Blue Side Table and Mirror - Zigana
Coffee Table - Loft
Bicycle - What Next
Planter, Food Tray, and Box of Toys - PILOT
Sports Almanac - Floorplan


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