FaMESHed and Collabor88's May rounds have begun! I've managed to stuff a ton of the items from these events into this skybox, which was available from Vespertine for FLF last week. I am totally digging on all the pastels with bright accents, and the lofty feel of the skybox. Somehow, it still feels open to me, even with all of the stuff lying around.

Clutter is my thang, yo.

On a blog related note: I think I'm going to change how I post my credits. I feel as if I'd be really annoyed when a designer doesn't tell me what an item is called when listing it (and I often am really annoyed when that happens), so to avoid annoying you guys, I'm going to start listing things as their name in world. It should make it easier for you guys to find the item should you wan to buy it. =)

faded sorizons skyloft - Vespertine (Past FLF)
Mesh Drape Lace Sheer& Curtain Rod Spiral - Rustica
Mesh Blinds - Beech - LISP

By the Bed:
bibliophile bed - Floorplan (May FaMESed) NEW!!
idle (stacked books) - Art Dummy!
the philosophy of time travel - Floorplan
Alice Floor Pillow - Cheeky Pea (The Garden Event)
Charlotte Home Book Pile 2 - LISP (Past Collabor88)
Table 234 . neutral light - Zigana NEW!!
Ansel House Terrarium - Cheeky Pea
Hanging Bulbs Pendant Light - Scarlet Apple
bedside table - Floorplan (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Charlotte Home Teacup & Macaroon, Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray - LISP NEW!!
Kyle's Vintage Clock - .lame
Radio Vintage - CHEZ MOI
Stacked Books - Apple Fall (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Milk Can - +ILO+
Roxy Square Trellis Aqua, Roxy Lumbar Pillow Spring - LOFT NEW!!

Bottom Right Picture:
Easel - LISP
Desktop Books - CHEZ MOI
English Garden Stacked Pots - Second Spaces (The Garden Event)
Rose Vase Venice - CHEZ MOI
Hodgepodge Rug - LISP
Tiffany Extra Pillows - PILOT
Let's Play Scrabble - Apple Fall
Cupped Chair . tulip - Zigana NEW!!
Wooden Hearts - Little Boxes
Resting Easels - Apple Fall (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
open book & open heart book - Floorplan (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
hanging heart chalkboard - Floorplan
shutter wall decor - Floorplan
Tulip Jar Delicate - Tatty Soup
a little light (oil lamp blue) - Art Dummy! NEW!!
irma card catalogue - fri.home (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Angel Chimes  - LAQ Decor
idle (pompom flowers and vase) - Art Dummy!
Tied Books - Apple Fall (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
the Simple and Clean Step Stool - Heart U - .Olive
hydroponics bulb 5 - BP*
Sara Picnic Basket Spring - Cheeky Pea
Simple Easel - Blush - Cheeky Pea NEW!!
Eure Drafting Stool (blue/natural) - Second Spaces
jack's manuscript - Floorplan

Entry Way (Bottom Left Picture):
Bicycle Decor (Girls) - What Next NEW!!
Rose Painting - Dutchie
daily chalkboard/today version - Vespertine (Past FLF)
Lucky leafy v1 *purple pot* - Artilleri
Murrow Table DEUX [Blank] - PILOT
Valentine Parfum & Cologne Prop - Mon Tissu
filius feather frames - fri.home (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Anna Wood Basket Dark - LISP
Murrow Table DEUX [Newspaper/Mail] - PILOT
Murrow Table DUEX [Tray] - PILOT
william lamp - fri.home (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Yellow submarine - L&K (May Challenge) NEW!!
Vintage Hall tree (WP) - Y's House
Lowe Rug Plum - Tatty Soup
boho ivy planter/pink - floorplan
Old Mirror Dirty Pink - Tatty Soup
Weave Basket / OPEN - +ILO+ (The Garden Event)
Roxy Square Pillow Teal Graphic & Roxy Square Pillow Moss - LOFT NEW!!
Logie Pillow for deco only - LOFT
pomona desk chair (painted) - fri.home (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
Storm Lamp (Cyan Wood) - Apple Fall
Potted Plant Shelves - PILOT (May Collabor88) NEW!!
pride & prejudice manuscript - Floorplan
Large A-Board Sign (Blank) What Next NEW!!
Beach Hut Clock - What Next NEW!!

Water Hose - PILOT (May Collabor88) NEW!!
Rain Barrell - PILOT (May Collabor88) NEW!!
naptime daybed - Floorplan (May Collabor88) NEW!!

In the Corner (Top of Collage): 
Scrabble Wall Art / Rain - Commoner (May Collabor88) NEW!!
Weave Basket / CLOSE - +ILO+ (The Garden Event)
gilderoy bookstack - fri.home (May FaMESHed) NEW!!
dairy milk cans - Floorplan (May Collabor88) NEW!!
Beachside Cabinet White Illustrated - Trompe Loeil (May Collabor88) NEW!!
dolores kitten plates - floorplan
Alice Croquet Set - Cheeky Pea (The Garden Event)
step stool seat - Floorplan (May Collabor88) NEW!!
hello pallet / french - Floorplan
lilac planter / yellow - Floorplan
kitsch loveseat w/ pillow / audrey - Floorplan
Playing Games Console - Cheeky Pea
book drawer - Floorplan (May Collabor88) NEW!!
record shelf / bare - Floorplan
Lilac Tray - PILOT


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