They've never eluded me.
I know you. The real you.
And I don't mind the monster I see.

Dem Deets:
Greyhound Painting - Apple Fall
Library - Dutchie
Acanthus Fragment - Apple Fall
Spotlight Lamp - Trompe Loeil (Past Arcade item)
Books - Apple Fall
Side table - Dutchie
Tallkottar - POST
Fern Specimen - Apple Fall
Potted Plant (Exotic) - Apple Fall (Past Arcade item)
diary - Dutchie
President's Chair - .encore.
handmirror - Dutchie
Jute Natural Rug - Apple Fall (Past Arcade item)
Orange Fall Rug - Dutchie (The Garden) NEW!!
Resting Easels - Apple Fall
Woodstock - Apple Fall (Past Arcade item)
Books - Apple Fall
Philodendron full - Dutchie
Harry's Boat - Apple Fall (Past Arcade item)
mesh antique books - Dutchie
Gensee Bushes Basket - POST


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