Dem Deets:
APT. Fifteen *skybox* - +ILO+

rug. retro. - junk.
cushion pile. vegetable soup. one. - junk.
perry chair. ethnic diamond. - junk.
Arts & Crafts Books - Apple Fall
Tied Books - Apple Fall
ari stool. sunny. - junk.
handbook for the recently deceased - floorplan.
cuppa for one. starry. - junk.
Arizona-Books clutter - BAZAR
wanda magazine table. oak - junk.
oddity vases. earth - junk.
bare. (chair-light wood/floral) - Art Dummy! (FLF) NEW!!
decker shelf. cobalt. - junk.

On bookshelf from top to bottom, left to right.
{top row}
book stack lamp / blue ombre - floorplan.
Stacked Books - Apple Fall
Japanese Books No.2 - Apple Fall
Books - Apple Fall
{Second Shelf}
Books - Apple Fall
Japanese Books No.1 - Apple Fall
messy bookshelf - pink fileboxes - Second Spaces
{Third Shelf}
books short stack - Second Spaces
Books - Apple Fall
Row of Books A (Everyday) - What Next
idle. (stacked books) - Art Dummy!
book basket - fri.home
Charlotte Home Book Pile 2 - LISP
gilderoy bookstack - fri.home
open book - floorplan.
Open Book - Apple Fall


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