We're approaching 50 posts already, and because everyone else is sharing blog stats, I figured I'd share a few (we don't have many, we've only been around for a little over two months) of ours with you!

Our first post was Thanksgiving Feast on November 20th of last year. Our most popular post (besides our Arcade lists) is With Love Hunt. We've had 2,904 views since our first post!

That's pretty awesome, right?!

I think between Tati and myself, we cover a wide range of styles and feels, which is good because we can make something that everyone will enjoy!

BUT part of our New Years Resolutions is to incorporate new looks and feels in to our rooms, so please leave us some comments and let us know what you'd like to see from us! We're always ears, and we love to talk to you guys about our work (or anything you'd like to talk about, really). Heck, even if it isn't about how we're styling a room, and instead, about how we style our website, let us know! We're here to accommodate your interior inspiration wants and needs. <3

Okay, to the important stuff.

I've missed making pastel colored rooms! These last few posts I've done have been on the darker side with deeper, rich tones. This is brighter, more fun, and could totally go in the same house as the Sleepy Skies and Lazy Sundays, Owls, Angels, and Dressers, and/or Hodgepodge Home rooms.

This room was built around the new lamps Floorplan has released. The Evan Lamps come in two sets with four different designs in each. Because I couldn't decide which lamp I liked the most, I just used them all! =D See if you can find them, I've hidden them away in the clutter.


1st picture (left of the text):
Cloud Couch - .lame
Phone - Artilleri
Table - Floorplan
Bowl of Pears - LISP
Lamps - Floorplan NEW!!
Candle - LISP
Letters - LISP
Bench - Cheeky Pea
Radio - End of Daze
Rug - Tatty Soup
Cushion - LISP
Chalk Board - Floorplan

2nd Picture:
Table - Floorplan NEW!!
Hydrangeas - iTuTu
Clock - Cheeky Pea
Cake Stand - Artilleri
Candle - LISP
Lamps- Floorplan NEW!!
Burlap Sack - LISP
Owl Cushion - iTuTu
Cups and Strawberries - Art Dummy

3rd Picture:
Easel and Stool - LISP (Past Collabor88)
Ottoman - Floorplan (Lazy Sunday) NEW!!
Laptop - Apple Fall
Dresser - Floorplan
Candle - LISP
Manuscript - Floorplan
Record Shelf - Floorplan NEW!!
Books - Floorplan
Sidetable - Cheeky Pea
Fence - Cheeky Pea
Mirror - Tatty Soup
Flowers - Tatty Soup
Chair - Second Spaces
Lamps - Floorplan NEW!!

4th Picture (not listed before):
Teddy Bear - Monger
Jar of Paint Brushes on Table - LISP (Past Collabor88)
Surf Boards - What Next
Do Not Disturb Posters - Art Dummy
Step Ladder - LISP
Rose - LISP
Rug - Tatty Soup

5th Picture:
Globe - Second Spaces
Books - MudHoney
Candle - LISP
Chimes - LAQ
Flower Lamp - Tatty Soup
Stacked Books - Floorplan
Lamps - Floorplan NEW!!
Giraffe - [SP]
Ivy - Floorplan
Books - Apple Fall
Iris Vase - Abiss
Aloe - Artilleri


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